We serve the scrappy little guys, the small and very small breweries, who we believe are our future market leaders. We work beyond the status quo to help our clients, veterans or new to craft beer compete in a frantic marketplace. We are fervently protective of craft beer's independent roots. We know there is as much art as there is business in our day to day and tirelessly work to help our clients navigate the balance between the three tiers that define our industry. We are big fans of good humans and great beer. We believe both are necessary ingredients to a thriving brewery. 



We want to help grow your vision into a business that will support your family, your employee's families, the next phase or the next hire. We strive to help our clients identify and remove obstacles in the way of their success. Because yes...that's what we are paid for. Admittedly as beer geeks we selfishly want you to keep making the awesome beer we enjoy with no restrictions. We would rather you were up all night obsessed with your next amazing recipe and not losing sleep over distribution, shelf placement or market management.  


Aaron Tyrell

I started Blue Note Beverage in 2016 inspired by the frenzied growth our Craft Beer industry has taken within the past few years. My experience spans over 15 years working in all three tiers of the business, first as a publican in Detroit buying craft beer from Michigan's pioneering brewers and sharing it with my customers. There is nothing cooler than handing someone their first REAL beer experience, I loved the response. I followed the pub by entering craft beer and fine wine wholesale distribution, first for a small craft wholesaler into an acquisition by a larger craft wholesaler. From there my path lead into supplier roles spanning regional representation and later management for large national territories spanning the US and some world export. There is no better place than craft beer. For me craft is an attitude that is represented everywhere. Its DIY, its Thrash, its Punk, its...well you get the idea, and you see it all over todays most exciting alchohol producers whether its wine (honey or fruit), cider and spirits. When the vibe is right, I have worked with them all. Craft is where I hang my hat, if you do too.

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Eric Schneider 

Eric had a slightly different path to craft beverage. “My career in manufacturing and logistics gave me the opportunity to travel the globe and taste some of the best beverages in the world.” Living and working in both Germany and the UK for several years, he has visited breweries and wineries in a dozen countries. A less-obvious upside of his extensive travel is that Eric was able to get to know the craftsmen themselves.  “I’ve found that who you work with is often more important than where you work, and I loved the passion, creativity and dedication of the people in craft.” Eric joined forces with Aaron in 2017 and brings to BlueNote Beverages 20 years of professional business practice, experience as an Adjunct Professor of Human Resources, and a knack for strengthening communities. He holds a Master’s degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources as well as SPHR and GPHR certifications. “Beer is a passion for me,” says Eric, “and I couldn’t be more excited to humbly offer my skills at problem solving and identifying hidden opportunities to the help the beverage artisans who continue to redefine the industry.” 


Don Manfredi

Don is a seasoned business professional that has been enjoying fermented beverages since he took his first drink of Schaefer at his father’s knee in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Many years and beers later, Don has worked in marketing, sales, and leadership for publicly traded global companies, private enterprises and startups. Don has an MBA, is an adjunct business professor, an avid martial artist, and a blogger for SommBeer, one of the top 50 craft beer related web sites. Don joined BlueNote in 2017 and is excited to be a resource to an industry he loves. “I am for anything that is authentic and creative. Working in the craft beverage allows me to collaborate with some of the best people that work tirelessly to create the best possible product every day. At BlueNote we can let the brewers do what they love while we help take care of the business side. And we get to try a lot of great beer with amazing people.”



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In-Market Rep Training

  • Sales training with market planning

  • Setting milestones
  • Deciding when to hire additional reps
  • Tracking sales call activity 
  • Managing marketing promos and measuring execution
  • Establishing points of distribution goals
  • Closing distribution gaps 
  • Mid Month, Mid Qtr, Mid Year reviews
  • Preparing for Wholesaler annual plans 
  • Empowering the team

Portfolio Management 

  • Identifying core, Seasonal, Limited releases as well as non performers anchoring your market progress
  • Coordinating release dates
  • Creating wholesaler pre-order programs with deadlines
  • Mapping key account planning
  • Brewery Taproom loyalty program planning 


  • How is your business engaging?
  • What’s your company message?
  • Measuring market rep engagement 
  • Setting sales performance meetings and reviews
  • Notice to cure